97% of North American companies are private1

We’re opening the door to a vast opportunity set.

Discover Mackenzie Northleaf private market funds, managed with institutional quality expertise.

3 - 7%

Mackenzie Northleaf Private Credit Fund

The fund seeks to maximize income by combining attractive performance and yield potential as well as interest rate risk protection of floating rate loans.*


Mackenzie Northleaf Global Private Equity Fund

The fund seeks to provide growth and enhanced total return potential by tapping into the accelerated value creation taking place outside the public markets.*

US$ 22B

Mackenzie Northleaf Private Infrastructure Fund

The fund seeks to provide enhanced diversification and reduce the impacts of inflation, while offering the potential for income and growth.*

A history of outperformance

Many investors don’t realize that liquidity comes at a cost. By prioritizing liquidity, they may be missing out on the excess returns historically delivered by less-liquid investments, such as private market assets. 

Quarterly returns in CAD. Private equity excess return is calculated as the average difference between the rolling 10-year returns of the Cambridge US Private Equity (legacy definition) Index and the MSCI World TR Index between December 2009 and December 2022. Private infrastructure excess return is calculated as the average difference between the rolling 10-year returns of the Preqin Private Infrastructure Index and the S&P Global Infrastructure TR Index between December 2017 and December 2022. Private debt excess return is calculated as the average difference between the rolling 10-year returns of the Preqin Private Debt Index and the ICE BofA Gbl Brd Mkt TR HCAD between December 2010 and December 2022.

Mackenzie and Northleaf

US$25B commitments raised5

We’ve partnered with Northleaf Capital Partners, a global private markets investment firm with top-tier capabilities, to provide institutional quality expertise to individual investors.

Insights and education

The time is ripe for private equity

With the potential for high returns and lower portfolio volatility relative to public stocks, you can’t ignore private equity. 

How can private credit fit in your portfolio?

Find out what makes private credit a unique asset class and how it can be incorporated into your portfolio.

How can private infrastructure fit into your portfolio?

Find out how adding private infrastructure can increase portfolio resilience, while offering potential for income and growth.

How can private equity fit into your portfolio?

Find out why adding private equity to a portfolio can provide opportunity for growth.


Learn about private markets with our
CE course

Private markets are a vast investible universe that spans equity, credit and real assets, such as infrastructure. Discover how they work and how they may fit into your clients’ portfolios.

*Refer to the funds’ Offering Memorandum for investment objectives and strategies.

1Source: Capital IQ, as at February 2023.

2Estimated portfolio net yield is as at May 31, 2024. Calculated by subtracting applicable fees and expenses (Series F) from the gross yield of the portfolio. Information regarding distributions paid from Fund (which are related to but different from the portfolio yield) is available on www.mackenzieinvestments.com  

3Inception date: April 19, 2022.

4Inception date: September 30, 2021.

5Source: As at December 31, 2023.

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